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At War

We are at War

50 millions

Our politician’s disconnection

The world is at war and we haven't got vision of future.
Why does the president we voted loose our time like this?

This is a translation into English
of one
post of mine dated July 28th, 2016 (here).

I did the translation myself so, please, be merciful.

Yesterday Alfredo Casero talked about something Argentine politicians just don't want to see. They‘re too busy with 2017 elections or not getting jailed or mobile phone companies’ subsiding.

One conclusive proof that our politians are casted with a  small village mentality is the absence of any reaction in front of #Brexit, Turkey’s coup d’Etat [1] or the fall of oil prices  [2] at the beginning of this year.

Brazil sent a delegation to Great Britain to discuss a commercial agreement last week.
We didn’t. Our Foreign Affairs Minister sent our President to talk trifle things with Merkel.
Politicians didn’t even bother to explain us why there are two Chinese military bases in Argentina.

Years ago few people used to hear those who predicted a new battle in this endless war between christians and muslims.
I was one of the deafs.
In the sixties, Europe began the most ambitious plan of commercial protectionism. Brick by brick, Europe fortified the domestic market in order to become an exporter but at the same time, not to allow imports not even of one nail. One of the first victims of the food self-sufficiency plan was Argentina [3].
Up to the moment of saturation, the European plan went full sail. Up to the moment they needed to import cheap  workforce in order not to curb growth, instead of dimensioning growth up to the available population and workforce. It began in the eighties. Antilleans and millions of Maghrib muslims at the beginning. People used to be obedient to the European.
It was going to change.

Saudi Arabia has been accumulating huge treasures originated in their exports surplus. They don’t know where to keep their money, literally [4].

Saudi King’s luxury complex in Marbella.
Not only Saudi Arabian but Iranians (which belong to a different sect) have decided to lean on religious orthodoxy, which fills several  functions. The first of them it to maintain social/political control. As they rule an intrusive system, the community religious leader is, in fact, a political commissar. Home by home he gathers info about the level of fidelity to faith imposed by those in power. Therefore he auscultates the level of docility to the regimen. One way the individuals have to show their subjection is their dress code. Any drifting is harshly punished [5].

Women´s ballot queue. Saudi Arabia

That way, the local politicians have asphyxiated civil liberties in muslim countries.
Kurd women fight against fundamentalists Bella Ciao.
Present by @folkersam.
Copts are slaughtered.
The second purpose would be to prepare the broth to resume their warrior expansion.

Fanaticism grows in the appropriate broth.
There is too much money to finance imams whose only activities are to keep an inventory of congregants and to indoctrinate the youths.
Youth manipulation by elders is as old as humankind. That Europeans allow recruiting and training in their own soil or the youth to be sent to Siria back and forth, it’s out of my grasp.

Khameini and Obama.

Merkel and King of Saudi.

Khameini and Renzi.

Queen of Great Britain and King of Saudi Arabia.

Rouhani and Hollande.

Why? I
Islam efforts are costly. Imams proliferation - usually males in their prime, that, instead of working, are day long recruiting, coaxing, seducing, indoctrinating - is costly. Mosques’ maintenance. Part of the money comes from the congregants’ pockets, the rest from oil countries.
In the last two decades religious/political/military bosses have organized muslim population in Europe. People than originally entered as cheap labour, atomized, bit by bit were ordered around a religious come-back, financed by totalitarian countries.
Islam wants to conquer Europe. Now it finds itself in the unsurpassable position of having full coffers.
Let’s not underestimate muslim kingdoms or Islamic Republic of Iran prosperity.
It was a self-confident bourgeoisie who went out to challenge power to the King of France. It ended up in the French Revolution. And a King’s beheading.
Charles III of Spain’s economic reforms made American families [6] rich. It was a bourgeoisie with huge saving who felt the self-confidence to give birth to May Revolution in Buenos Aires. To have a full purse was the main reason that led those men to believe that they could start a war.
It happened here - in Argentina - two hundred years ago.

Salon meetings at Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson’s.
It happens now with Sunnis and Shi'ites.
Saudi Prince gold fleet in London..

Why? II
Why was Europe filled with muslims? At the very beginning, they were cheap labour. It’s the counterfact of a commercial stonewalled Europe. If there is not free market, labour shortages should be fulfilled [7].
But that was before.

Hollande in Paris Great Mosque..
Nowadays I find no answer.
We do know that European social democracy is the author of endless financial and economic transactions with Arabian countries, that politicians have become rich selling weapons, handling their money in European banks and exchanging stocks from European companies to Arabian mega millionaires. From time to time some scandal with European politicians being bribed gets to the frontlines [8].
Millionaire economic interests between social democrats and Saudi tycoons haven’t been revealed in full.
We shouldn’t ignore drug dealings, particularly opiates from Middle East, a millionaire business that involves export countries and politicians as well.
Usually I tend to believe that greed is the most powerful motivation for near everything. In this case, I am not convinced this is the incentive of the political, social, cultural and historic suicide that the European political class committed in 2014 and 2015 by letting in millions and millions of muslims.
The problem runs deep and of old date. Ghettos are old. But massive immigration was a new turn of events and accelerated the conflict.

What for?
Islam wants to conquer Europe.
It wasn’t by chance.
Remember: the first Bergoglio's trip was to Lampedusa.
The first message was: “Let the migrants in”.

First Pope trip out of Vatican to Lampedusa.
Bergoglio went to European Parliament and repeated his claim. Which was satisfied soon.
Pope at European Parliament demands open frontiers to inmigrants.
We won’t forget, either, that soon after getting into office, Bergoglio met muslims authorities.
Pope with Rouhani, President of Iran, in Vatican.
One year after Nisman assassination.

I don’t believe the Pope to be an important piece in this silent invasion, but he is a link to their cause. Motives? I think of two: one, and most improbable: chrematistic, that Arabs have invested millions in IOR. The other one, more probable, is that the Pope wants a confessional Europe and America, and that he might believe that the destruction of the lay state constitutes an unavoidable step to return to an Europe with an empowered Catholic Church. If that it is really his plan, it is a long shot. And he risks being an idealistic puppet in muslim hands. The Catholic Church never loved lay Western states. The Catholic Church helped every attack to them. Hitler, for example. They are half morons. That’s the reason I take this Bergoglio'd unforgivable decision sort of plausible. The truth is that Bergoglio made propaganda to convince good, decent European families to accept invaders. History may judge him.
It isn’t clear either the relationship among the Pope, Iran and Cristina Fernández. Time will tell.
Another obscure point to examine is the 2014/2015 massive invasion financing.  Where did  all that money to pay smugglers, small change and phone cards to millions of migrants come from? More than one person points fingers to Soros and other multimillionaires. Then, which is the Western millionaires interest to finance a muhajirun of fighting age invasion to Europe? Read here.
Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Islam expansion is  shared longing to both enemies since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Decades of poverty kept that wish asleep. Last decades prosperity allows them to prepare for this old dream.
Up to now they have done it quite well.

50 millions
As our thinker Alfredo Casero [9] has said, we are at war. Not everyone around the world. Western and Islam. And we are the Western [10]. The Western World includes as much General Pico - Province of La Pampa, Argentina- as Amiens or Auckland or Bologna or Malmo. Not to understand this is very stupid of us.
Batman rules. It means rules are set by the host. This is valid 1) for the muslim migrants in the Western World and 2) for Bolivians and Paraguayans in Argentina - where they held no-zone lands unruled by Argentine law - and 3) for the alien Superman in Batman's world.

Europe may or may not get out of this war against Islam unscathed. Only in France there are six millions of muslims. 10% of population. In every village, in every neighbourhood, in several ghettos around the country. It’s impossible to distinguish a ’good’ muslim from a ‘bad’ muslim in urban guerrilla warfare. This ends up two ways: or with Europe surrendering after decades of fighting or the Isabel the Catholic's way. Up to now, it is an open end.

Isabel the Catholic offered to all El Andalus population to
convert to christianism or to go to exile.To her great
surprise, thousands of muslims chose to migrate
to the north of Africa (Hugh Thomas).

We, the Americans, should keep ourselves as the last resort of the Western Word. The place were those Europeans who survive the yidha could come. “We” is: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zelandia, Uruguay, South Africa, Argentina and in a lesser role, Mexico. (Here).
Argentina will have to organize itself social, political and culturally to receive 50 millions of Europeans. Because that’s what’s to come: those who flee from the next war. And we must be ready to receive them.
Before that we must organize to be able to help Europe. We could send food, but we have no fleet -unlike in the WWII. We are Chinese fleet dependant (nice, isn’t it?).
We mustn’t bring muslims if we want to be an European backup, we must keep this place  safe.
We must have well shaped alliances with those  who understand what is happening, like Great Britain and Hungary.
None, no one of the political class has this in his agenda. They are busy with TV anchorman Tinelli, or spending holidays in Miami or talking about gas tariff.
But we know better.

* * *
Paul Joseph Watson uncovers lies. Those who lie in our faces while they pretend to be the good guys interested in other’s wellfare.  Left-liberals, bah.
The same bullshit that Guillermo Raffo and Gustavo Noriega exposed in "Progresismo, el octavo pasajero" [11]. The mindfucking. The stalinists that lie in your face.

Here this revealing interview to Watson. Five minutes.

* * *


* * *

[1] The bad boys got hold of The Gates of Europe, in case you didn’t realize.
[2] Our government answer was to establish oil support prices - to help oil companies! -. By the way, milking yards weren’t so lucky.
[3] Ten years later it was Australia, Canada and New Zealand turn. They have to go out to get new markets. Contrary to what is taught at CBC, 1880-1955 grain and meat exports went to  all of Europe and not only to Great Britain. At the best GB share they got only 50% of them. Other markets were France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany.
The European food self-sufficiency plan was a kick to solar plexus to the Argentine economy. Worse than British default after WWII. In the sixties it was even worse. The EEC began to have food surplus - due to food subsidy policies - which were exported at dumping prices. So, Argentina, not only lost old markets - but also secondary ones, thanks to European unfair competence.
After the European food self-sufficient plan we survived thanks to our exports to South Africa, Russia, Middle East and little else.
Great Britain had to sack Canada, Australia and NZ as condition to join the EEC. Those countries had to reinvent themselves. New Zealand suffered a harsh crisis and overindebtedness. Late NZ defaulted. After Nixon trip to China, Australia and NZ began exporting food to South Asian countries.
[4} Tax havens, European banks, luxury estates in London and at the Rivière, stocks in European companies.
[5] It is the equivalent of the obligation to go to Mass and confess periodically.
[6] Later those families lost everything, but that’s another story.
[7] It would have been more intelligent instead of subsiding Spanish tomato crops - where 100% workforce is from the Maghreb - to import tomatoes from the Maghreb itself. There won’t be tens of thousands of Maghrebis around. Single men without their families, growing anger. There would be African towns producing tomatoes, with men in their own land living with their families. Cheaper tomatoes. But it wasn’t the case. The insidious stalinism of the European Union.
[8] Example: Sarkozy ministre used to fly every weekend to Tunisia, where she was accused on weapons dealings.
[9] Alfredo Casero, together with Guillermo Raffo are today the most shrew minds in Argentina.
[10] But for certain commies who had joined first the Alianza (1999-2001) and later the Kirshnerism (2003-1015) and talk about Nuestroamérica (OurAmerica) and other silly things, we, Argentinians, are part of the Western World.
[11]  "Progresismo, el octavo pasajero", by Noriega & Raffo. I recommend it.
* * *

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