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Go West!
Translation of "GANA TRUMP".
Why Trump wins.
Why I want Trump to win.

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In gray concepts usually read in British and American press.

In black: Latin American or Argentine issues.

Iran - Venezuela - Cuba - Colombia - Vatican Axe

In three previous posts I wrote about #Brexit, the future Merkel collapse, and the upsurge of Trump.
Part of American population feels Trump’s speech represents them. Those people see themselves out of the new world that’s been shaped, whose designed they were never consulted of. They considered themselves cheated. And they are angry.
Others, who belong to the establishment feel threathen (Never Trump).
Those who are today in the government, want to go on. Status quo.
It is more difficult to understand why Arabic nations or megacorporations and investment funds gave away millions and millions of dollars to Clinton Fundation. 940 millions of dollars? It’s a lot of money, even for an American campaign. What are they paying for?
But now I want to focus on what Trump’s triumph means to Argentinians.

The Progressive or Left-Liberals (Los Progres)
Here I’m going to do a long introduction. I will abuse of your patience.
I call Social Democrats a.k.a. Progressive (Progres in Spanish) the groups of people who even when they govern or influence opinion in the most part of Western countries, developed or underdeveloped ones -like Brazil or Colombia- they present themselves as anti system. They could have be born in the opposition, when they used to demonstrate against De Gaulle, but nowadays -and for the last decades-, they have been governing Europe and several South American countries.
They have entered a partnership with big economic groups and big banks. In spite of that fact, they have kept a pseudo contestatory speech - while they get chairs in Elf board -. They focus in trifle but noisy topics which are amplified in the MSM. Senior public servants, academics and journalist constitute the core of their intelligentzia. All of them left economic power and property structures intact.
Here I mentioned Spain case. While tens of thousands of people were kicked out of their homes [1] and the properties returned to the hands of the twenty families who own the Kingdom of Spain, the ‘progres’ were busy with post porn.
Today progressivism is the most reactionary ideology in the Western World.
Furthermore, it is perverse.
They say they want to generate -cosmetic- changes while they are extremely functional to those who govern. They distract with homosexual marriage or religious or reproductive  issues - smoke screens built to allow four guys to play at their whim (*).
Collaboration with status quo, here, in France or in USA is widely compensated. Public positions in all sort of burocratic offices; grants for studies, films, artistic experiments, museums; positions in MSM, funding for any interest; etc. A money path to keep the intelligentzia busy and well-off. Here. UKIP members call them champagne socialism.

Academia, MSM journalists, artists are widely compensated for doing social democrat’s propagada.
71 minutes.
Progressive élites are seeking the drop in birth rates and white people demographic substitution. I haven´t found a reason. I suppose they want to replace us by obedient ones. It’s for money but I cannot discern the chain of causation.

Alessandro Barbero, "Barbari",
Immigrati, profughi, deportati nell'impero romano,
Editori Laterza.
Highly commendable.

Now to the serious stuff - Iran - Clinton
The Western World has an excellent relationship with Arab oil countries. Western banks and investment funds hold big chunks of money belonging to Arab royal families. For example, the Qatari royal family has just bought a stock of Deutsche Bank. There’re all sort of links between Arabic and Western countries. The links are stronger between European and American politicians and Arabic royal families.
During 35 years USA blocked Iranian oil. So, Iranian sales were through third countries. Which ones? Those who are in the oil business know better. Petrobras oil was Brazil’s or Iran’s? Repsol was during decades a Marroc oil buyer and retail dealer. What did Repsol do in the last twenty years? Did it sell Iranian oil? Venezuela exports only its oil or both its own and Iranian? Highly placed politicians know. Only the public is in the dark.

As Carlos Maslatón uses to say, it exists a commercial narcoleftist axe that involves Colombia guerrilla and every narcoprogressive government in South America till 2015:  Venezuela, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and - in a lesser way - Peru. Operation base and bank are in Cuba.

White on white..
Photo of Infamy.
It’s pretty obvious that narcos have one foot on USA soil. Banks accept narco money - sort of - , HSBC has been fined several times, but not closed. Narcos export (siphon) cash from USA, but it seems that small change gets stuck in American public servant’s fingers.
Obama, with Bergoglio’s help, reached an agreement with the Castro brothers.

Mr. Bergoglio smiles.

It was never public the content of Obama-Castro agreements. Both talked about cultural and commercial approaches. The truth is that the Régimen  produced no change and that fact doesn’t seem to bother Obama  Administration.
Today, I would say the real reason behind the pact was Colombia. Which could be the USA interest in closing Colombian narco-war? I have no idea. Let’s venture it.
Colombian Guerrilla has treasured thousands of millions dollars which came from their looting, kidnaping, etc. That money is now in Cuban power [2] or in tax havens. To those amounts you have to add the money in cash they’ve got with them. I guess that it is in the big banks interests - banks which are represented by Obama (and now by Clinton) - that all that money will be sent to USA branches. Bergoglio’s cooperation will be compensated by a share of the loot conveniently stashed in IOR (Banco Vaticano).
Western countries, dragging their feet, are closing the ring around dirty money [3]. The Cuban monarchy faces a soon to come succession crisis.
I’ll tell you what I think it happened: Obama, Castro and Bergoglio settled to give a safe passage to Colombian guerrilla, in order to integrate them to civil life and to allow the treasured loot to get into the Western business flow [4]: in USA mostly, and a smaller part in IOR [5].
If Clinton wins, USA policy to condone FARC, Chavist Régimen and the Castros will go on.
Trump - clearly - was critical to the dictatorial Cuban government. He also said that he will sanction Venezuelan dictatorship, in case he wins. He rejected Obama-Castro agreement.

Iran bought nuclear technology to Argentina. Nuclear collaboration began in the sixties (***) and it went on till our last military dictatorship in the seventies. The money, supposedly, was used to develop our on nuclear missile. Alfonsín broke the contract with Iran. Argentina paid healthy chunks of money to Republic of Iran as compensation. Comisión de Energía Atómica scientists resigned and moved to Iran to join the project.
One hypothesis about the resuming of Iranian-Argentine relationships is that - through Siria - Iran funded Menem presidential campaign in 1989. Allegedly their purpose was to resumen Iran-Argentine uranium and technology collaboration. Why us? Why couldn’t Iran change supplier?  I ignore the technicalities. There are all sorts of uranium. Our technology could be used only with our uranium. Finally Menem got befriended with Bush, Iran-Argentina project collaboration didn’t work out and soon later we suffered Israel Embassy and AMIA blasting and Menem’s son dubious death.  
Love, love, love.
Keeping this hypothesis in mind, during Néstor Kirchner administration, Iran resumed its relationship with Argentina, thanks to Venezuelan president Chávez help. Argentinian senior officers - including President Cristina Fernández - smuggled uranium, and scientists’ advice. CONEA (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica) scientists met with their Iranian counterparts in Caracas, Venezuela. As pay back, Chávez siphoned dollars into Cristina Fernández campaign founding. And most probably into Fernández and Chávez pockets as well (here) [6].
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid tribute to
Commander Chávez.
It is difficult to believe that USA government ignored these exchanges.
We can only speculate about the reasons of its passivity. Perhaps the USA government preferred it were Argentina the Iranian supplier: a) because Argentinian senior civil servants kept Americans paged, or b) because Americans considered that in case Iranians were determined in concluding their nuclear plan, it would be better it were Argentinian technology instead of Russian or Chinese one, c) Other reasons I cannot imagine.
I understand that Nisman was murdered in order to cover-up this Iranian deal.

Iran- USA Pact
On July 2015 Iran and several Western countries, including USA, signed a treaty. Iran embargo was lifted. Now, thanks to Trump, we know that USA gave the Iranians U$S 1.700.000.000 in cash.
Iran-USA Pact never was approved by USA Senate.
If Hilaria (Hillary Clinton) wins, Iran-USA Pact will be confirmed. If Hilaria wins. we - Argentines - should forget about investigating NIsman assassination. Just let’s forget..
If Hilaria wins, our claims against Iran will be buried and the general pardon to the latin american narcoleft will be consolidated. Including La Chorra (Cristina Kirchner).

Hilaria Clinton
Mrs. Clinton attends a gala with Miss Aguilera.
I’ve got several reasons to like Trump. I like his disruptive message against Washington cronies, his straightforwardness, his priorities.
I like he has decided to fight against political correctness.
But the real truth is that I dislike Hilaria.
In fact she is the grand defender of big banks, big companies, military contractors, in summary, she pretends to govern for the richest 1%. From the mouth out she is a liberal-lefty (“progrezurda”), with its fabrication of trifle conflicts and its “rights” of no-entities. With its thought police masquerading as political correctness.
It’s not the Argentinians who need to be explained how unbearable the liberal-leftists could be on daily basis. Liberal-lefties who receive guvernamental money and whose only job 7x24 is to think new ways to make everyone's life difficult.
Liberal-lefties are unable to give any solution to any problem.
Dems talk a lot about black people's rights. But blacks go on living in inner cities ghettos, dying like flies and in utter poverty. With no opportunity at all.  

We obtain the same result with any problem we study [7].
Words are great. But, as we concluded with Cristina Fernández, words are papier maché in lefty hands.
Hilaria is - to me - another Cristina Fernández. Better education. But the same arrogance, ineptitude, sociopathy and propensity to pocket the governmental money.  Both of them answer to the same group of interests. This last one is the worst of their flaws.
Trump government will continue #Brexit. “Enough is enough” to an arrogant and selfish bureaucracy that steals opportunity to peasants while it helps the megarich.
Voters said “NO” in UK. No to Brussels bureaucracy, to big banks and to big business.
Voters said “NO” to narcolefties in Colombia.
I hope voters will say “NO” to progressive thieves in USA.
And I think Trump will win.
* * *

* * *

[1] A mortgage law that the European Court declared illegal.
[2] It’s difficult to imagine somebody trusting their money to the Castros. They’ve got a lower rate of  giving back the money than Swiss bankers.
[3] “TREASURE ISLANDS, Tax Havens, and The Men Who Stole the World”, Nicholas Shaxson.

[4] We’re talking about millions of dollars.
[5] I suppose there will be a certain spread of small change to human beings. Santas and his aides. Obama and his. Some small change to electoral Dem campaign in USA. We must not forget that Santos-Castro-Bergoglio profit from Dems continuity.
[6] Some names: De Vido, direct authority on CONEA. Claudio Uberti, Cristina Fernández, Nilda Garré, Alicia Castro, and General MIlani - military intelligence -. Milani should have denounce the smuggling. His silence was thoroughly paid.
[7] A good example, a copy-paste from Spain is #NiUnaMenos (#NoWomanLess). Empty, ineffective, but it’s the perfect excuse to create a lot of guvernamental positions. In Spain and here..

(*) A good example in Argentina is Barrick Gold financing a film about Estela de Carlotto or funding Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, UBA.

(**) A different time of the Western World when the huinca (White Man in tehuelche language) wanted to impose his culture to the rest of the people, as colonization cases in America or  Australia.

(***) A reader, gently, corrected me.

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